non erano solo canzonette...

THE Exhibition
From March 1st to July 14th

1958 - 1982

The years that have revolutionized the social, ethical and economic systems of our Country, narrated by the music that has been able to speak their language, describe their facts, breathe their climate and return their emotions

A chronological progression characterized by 11 thematic areas to touch every aspect of the social life, of costumes, chronicles, work and the changes in the ethical and moral conventions of those years.

A philological, poetic and emotional reading, equally able to involve those who lived that years in first person, as well as the younger generations, in a common path of immersion into the Italian collective memory.

Everything punctually witnessed, anticipated, explained, by the words, the music and the interpreters themselves of the Italian song. A "pas de deux" between music and society, where lifestyles, fashions, interpersonal relationships and even the social demands are influenced from one another and vice versa.


Exhibitions / Events

Our little contribution to an increasingly widespread (and at the same time mortified) demand for knowledge and participation in cultural life.

We take care of the organization and production of exhibitions, in Italy and abroad, which are based on exclusively original ideas. We take care of the projects from their conception until the staging, and in case we develop and organize events collateral to them ("off exhibition")

With the term "original", we mean projects based on the development of a creative idea, and not installations related to one or more Authors (classic or modern) or to the distribution of exhibitions previously made abroad or in Italy.

We can guarantee all the professional skills necessary for the management of the whole production and promotional phases, including the development and use of multimedia technologies, fund raising, educational activities and communication campaigns.

We are especially interested to a cultural fertilization crossed between the various arts, including in them the figurative ones, photography, history, show, design, new media and music. To this aim we prefer to focus on a few initiatives of great popular impact and recognized scientific quality, for which we are ready to set up ambitious exhibition projects, including international ones.