General Rules for payments

Dues payments must be received by by March 31st each year or a late fee will be applied.
Late payments
After April 1st a late fee of 10 USD will be added to the amount.
When payments are more than 60 days late, delivery of your copy of the TIAFT Bulletin will be halted until such time that your dues are paid in full.
Membership Termination
Members with dues that are more than 365 days late will be removed from the TIAFT membership roles. Rejoining TIAFT after membership termination in this manner will require a 100 USD rejoining fee

To pay your annual dues there are two options:

Online Payment

This is the easiest option: follow the link button below, and insert your credentials into the login window. The online renewal is only a click away from there.

Access to your account

If you forgot your password you can recover it here.

Offline Payment

If you prefer to renew your membership offline, you can download the form, compile it and send it to the Treasurer. The form is in .pdf format

Note: If you should experience any trouble with payments, please contact:

TIAFT Treasurer:
Robert Kronstrand, PhD
National Board of Forensic Medicine
Department of Forensic Toxicology
Linköping University, Linköping (Sweden)