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Who we are

We are authors, producers, web designers and web engineers.
Since 2012 we conceive and realize actual events and digital things with a particular passion for arts, science and culture.

In an age where design, development, technology and communications are so deeply intertwined, bibibus talented team embraces the overlap.

What we do


From brochure web sites to the great editorial platforms, from personalized e-commerce to online ticketing. We also specialise in marketing, branding and digital strategies. We ensure everything we build has been optimised for smartphones, tablets & desktops.

Latest projects


We take care of the organization and production of exhibitions, in Italy and abroad, which are based on exclusively original ideas. We take care of the projects from their conception until the staging, and we also develop and organize events collateral to them ("off exhibition").

Now on stage

From November 29th 2019 To April 12nd, 2020
Palazzo Belloni - BOLOGNA

The years that have revolutionized the social, ethical and economic systems of our Country, narrated by the music that has been able to speak their language, describe their facts, breathe their climate and return their emotions.

A philological, poetic and emotional reading, equally able to involve those who lived that years in first person, as well as the younger generations, in a common path of immersion into the Italian collective memory.

A "pas de deux" between music and society, where lifestyles, fashions, interpersonal relationships and even the social demands are influenced from one another and vice versa.

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