5 settembre - 03 febbraio

Mostra Chagall Mantova

Mantova - Palazzo della Ragione
SEPTEMBER 5, 2018 - FEBRUARY 03, 2019

5 settembre - 13 gennaio

Palazzo della Ragione
05/09/18 - 03/02/19

Mostra Chagall Mantova

Didactics for kids and schools

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Chagall's Fable

Narrated visit for pre-school and primary shool students

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Price: € 70,00 ITA (€ 90 in a foreign language) + admission ticket for Elementary School kids (for Pre- school kids admission is free)

For Marc Chagall, imagination, dream, and reality were part of a single, colorful representation: candelabra that turn into flowers in the sky, violins that play themselves, animals that resemble people and people who resemble animals that tell us tales about their lives and other stories that interweave with theirs. By entering this world we will discover the people who live there and we will hear their stories.

The Box of Dream

Combination interactive visit (Chagall's Fable) + workshop activity for primary school students

  • Duration: 60’ visit to the exhibition + 50’ creative workshop
  • Price: € 130 ITA (€ 150 in a foreign language) + admission ticket

While walking through the exhibition we will explore the pictorial and poetic world of Chagall. We will discover the colors, shapes, and figures that bring that world to life. In the workshop we will be the ones who bring life to this multicolored universe: by opening the "box of dreams" we'll find the elements we need to combine our own imagination with that of this great artist...

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Mostra Marc Chagall.
Palazzo della Ragione, Piazza Erbe - 46100 Mantova.
Dal 05/09/2018 al 03/02/2019.

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