5 settembre - 03 febbraio

Mostra Chagall Mantova

Mantova - Palazzo della Ragione
SEPTEMBER 5, 2018 - FEBRUARY 03, 2019

5 settembre - 13 gennaio

Palazzo della Ragione
05/09/18 - 03/02/19

Mostra Chagall Mantova

Didactics for high-schools

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Poetry and Painting

Visit with readings for middle and high school students

  • Duration: 60'
  • Price: € 70 ITA (€ 90 in a foreign language) + admission ticket

Marc Chagall is one of the painters who inspired the greatest number of poets and writers in the twentieth century. Because of the images they contain, his paintings are like poems, and that is how they can be experienced; for the aim of poetry, like painting for Chagall, is to arouse and inspire emotions, thoughts, the aventures of the soul, and not every detail has to have a rational and univocal explanation. An interpretation of some of more important exhibitions on display, along with a selection of passages that writers and poets have devoted to Chagall and his art, will allow us to enter the world of this remarkable painter-poet.

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Mostra Marc Chagall.
Palazzo della Ragione, Piazza Erbe - 46100 Mantova.
Dal 05/09/2018 al 03/02/2019.

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